Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition


John Bandler, 3MT® Co-chair,
Erin Kiley, 3MT® Co-chair,



What is 3MT®?

Now in its fourth year at Microwave Week, the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition is designed for eligible students and young professionals, who indicated upon submission of a paper their desire to enter the competition and whose paper is accepted for either oral or interactive forum presentation.

The 3MT® contestants will make a presentation of three minutes or less, supported only by one static slide, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

3MT® Goals

The Microwave Week 2020 3MT® Competition is designed to stimulate interest in the wide range of applications of microwave technology. Such information would help renew public interest in microwaves as a transformative technology that is rewarding both to those who study it, and to those whose daily lives benefit from incorporation of scientific developments in consumer products.

What is 3MT®, Why is it Beneficial, How is it Judged, and How to Prepare

Microwave Week 2020 3MT® Competition Rules

Pre-Competition Presentation Skills Session

Hosted by John Bandler and Erin Kiley
Abstract: Your ability to inspire and engage broad audiences is more vital than ever. It makes you attractive to prospective employers, as well as a more likely go-to ambassador for your school or professional society. Transferrable to virtually any professional career path, such skills become lifetime assets.
We elaborate on embracing your audience’s needs; gaining trust; the importance of clarity, citation and acknowledgement; those crucial first few seconds and your first few slides: an exercise in psychology, empathy and art; and how to identify and avoid potential traps and pitfalls.
One of our aims is to hook attendees from industry. To inspire our audience, we will examine a variety of examples. We encourage attendees to submit slides in advance and/or make brief presentations from the floor or podium that could be critiqued during this lively and interactive workshop.

Three Minute Thesis Briefing Session

Abstract: The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition organizers will host a special session designed to introduce the competition, allow participants to familiarize themselves with the venue and facilities, remind participants of the goals of the competition, and to highlight important considerations that good 3MT® presentations should take into account.

Three Minute Thesis Coaching Session

Abstract: The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition organizers will host a special session for the competitors to get last-minute tips and feedback on their 3MT® presentations, and an opportunity to rehearse on the competition stage. Judges will not be present.

Three Minute Thesis Competition

Microwave Week 2020 3MT® Organizers:
John Bandler, Co-chair
Erin Kiley, Co-chair

Master of Ceremonies: Sherry Hess, VP Marketing, AWR Group at National Instruments

Judges: TBA