Need To Know Info

Show Management distributes important information periodically to keep the IMS exhibiting community informed on services available to them and items that may require action.  The goal is to share information regarding the event and so exhibitors know how to maximize their investment of participating in the exhibition. We encourage exhibitors to thoroughly read all of the information posted below.


IMS2020 Virtual Exhibit Call for Participation - 5-22-2020

IMS2020 Going Virtual

IMS2020 Transition to Virtual Event FAQ

IMS2020 Webinar Postponed - 4-8-2020

IMS2020 Exhibitor Planning Guide - 3-31-2020

IMS2020 COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) - 3-24-2020

IMS2020 COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) - 3-4-2020

IMS2020 February Summary - 2-12-2020

IMS2020 January Summary - 1-14-2020

IMS2020 MicroApps & Industry Workshop Reminder - 11-20-2019

IMS2020 Secondary Company Listing - 11-12-2019

IMS2020 Housing - 10-5-2019

IMS2020 Call for Participation - 9-25-2019