MWCL Special Issue of "Top IMS2023 Papers"

IMS2023 TPRC will select a number of high quality papers (estimated 50 papers) for MWCL editorial review. The corresponding authors will receive email invitations to publish their IMS papers at the MWCL special issue on "Top IMS2023 Papers".

If authors choose for the MWCL special issue, an updated IMS paper must be submitted to MWCL before a fixed deadline and must address all technical comments from the TPRC.  

Those papers that do not comply will revert to the IMS2023 Digest. The selected IMS papers will continue through one short standard MWCL review cycle (not double-blind review). Any rejected papers will revert to the IMS2023 Digest. 

The accepted IMS papers will be published as the MWCL Special Issue "Top IMS2023 Papers" in IEEExplore with a citation to the IMS presentations.

The IMS proceedings in IEEExplore will not include the selected MWCL papers but a list of these papers to indicate their publication in the MWCL Special Issue. 

The authors of MWCL Special Issue can further extend the work to the T-MTT Special Issue, provided that sufficient new technical materials are added.