RF Boot Camp

Monday, 12 June 2023
Room: 26AB, San Diego Convention Center
08:00 - 17:00

Industry and Academia recognize the critical need for RFMW knowledge in optimizing and accurately characterizing products.  Often embedded with highspeed digital, software and firmware elements, our designs require knowledge of the impact on RFMW system performance across all aspects of development, from simulation to prototyping, layouts and testing.

The MTT-S International Microwave Symposium’s RF Boot Camp is designed to grow RFMW skills in an educational forum that is focused on the fundamentals of Microwave Theory and Techniques.

RF Boot Camp focuses on teaching the fundamentals, terminology, and applications of RF and microwave design, simulation, and measurement – for those new to RFMW and those wishing to stay current with new technologies and applications.  Two IEEE continuing education credits (CEUs) are offered to RF Bootcamp attendees.

RF Bootcamp material is updated each year, based on student feedback, IMS location and industry needs.  Attendance in Denver in 2022, our first in-person event since IMS-Boston in 2019, exceeded 150 attendees from industry and academia!  RF Boot Camp has demonstrated each year to be a true testament to the quality and effectiveness – and need for this valuable day of learning in the fundamentals of RF and microwave theory.

The main agenda for RF Boot Camp 2023 includes a series of tutorials, delivered by experts from Keysight Technologies, Modelithics, Inc., University of South Florida, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Ericsson Research Sweden. The refreshed and updated topics for RF Boot Camp at IMS2023 will include:

  • The RF/Microwave Signal Chain
  • Network Characteristics, Analysis and Measurement
  • Fundamentals of RF Simulation
  • Device Modeling and Impedance Matching Basics
  • Spectral Analysis and Receiver Technology
  • Signal Generation
  • Modulation and Vector Signal Analysis
  • Microwave Antenna Basics
  • RFMW Application Focus (Ericsson Research)

At RF Boot Camp in Denver IMS2022, we introduced a special session on RFMW Focus Application, where our Analog Devices guest addressed the challenges of product development for a Tx/Rx system and inspired RFMW learning.  RF Bootcamp 2023 will feature Ericsson Research Sweden’s insights in our RFMW Focus Application session. Register today to attend IMS2023 in San Diego and RF Boot Camp and be part of the many other valuable IMS week technical and networking activities!

Organizers/Speakers:  Dr. Larry Dunleavy, Modelithics, Inc., Joanne Mistler, Keysight Technologies, Dr. Ulf Johannsen, TU Eindhoven