Build Your Own NIST Time Receiver

The NIST Atomic clock - learn how it works while building your own NIST time receiver

Tuesday, 21 June 2022
IMS Show Floor, System Demo Zone (Booth 11100)
09:30 - 17:00

Come build a NIST atomic clock receiver at IMS. This interactive experience will teach with you how the NIST atomic clock works and how its radio synchronization transmits the time around the US. You will then have the opportunity to build your own NIST radio receiver from scratch! The radio will be built at several stations, each of which teach you the operation of a portion of the radio and allow you to assemble that portion at the station. After you complete all the stations, your board will fully assembled and you can test it out. No better place to get a clean signal than 31 miles from the source of the signal!


David S. Ricketts received the PhD in Electrical Engineering from Harvard University. He is currently a Full Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. His scientific research focuses on emerging microwave and analog circuits and systems from 1 Mhz to 300 GHz.  His work has appeared in Nature and in numerous IEEE conferences and journals. He is the author of the two books on jitter in high-speed electronics and electrical solitons. He is the recipient of the NSF CAREER Award, the DARPA Young Faculty Award and the George Tallman Ladd research award and is a Harvard Innovation Fellow. In addition as a teacher he is the recipient of  the 2009 Wimmer Faculty Teaching Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University, 2013 Harvard University Bok Center Teaching Award and the 2021 William F. Lane Outstanding Teaching award at NCSU. Since 2015, Prof. Ricketts has taught experiential hand-on workshops on building a QAM Radio and a FMCW RADAR across the globe at all of the major microwave conferences.