Connected Future Summit at IMS2022

Tuesday, 21 June 2022
Room: 505–507
08:00 - 18:00


The Connected Future Summit (formerly the 5G Summit) has been held during IMS since its inception at IMS2017 in collaboration with IEEE Communications Society (Comsoc). The event provides a platform for academic, government and industrial communities to interact and exchange technology ideas related to technologies of 5G and beyond. The Connected Future Summit committee is part of the IMS Technical Program Committee and is responsible for selecting timely topics and inviting speakers to create an agenda. This event has been getting sponsorships from industry with encouraging attendance every year ranging from about 300 to 400 attendees.

In addition to the technology advancements with 5G and beyond (toward 6G), the wireless connectivity landscape is changing rapidly with the evolution of Wi-Fi and broadband wireless satellite networks based on Low-Earth Orbit satellite constellations. The 5G standardization, deployment and R&D of next generations are impacting the future directions of connectivity in coordination with beyond Wi-Fi 7 technologies and broadband satellite networks. 

Click Here to View the Connected Future Summit Agenda and Speakers (PDF)

The Connected Future Summit will be held on 21June 2022 at IMS2022 in Denver. The Summit will review core technologies for future wireless networks along with their human and societal impacts. The day-long program will feature experts from industry, government and academia sharing technical knowledge and strategies. The topics will include future trends of 6G and beyond; standardization of both cellular (3GPP) and Wi-Fi Alliance; broadband wireless with satellite constellations and other high-altitude platform; V2X technology with beyond 5G; semiconductor technologies; reconfigurable front ends and system architectures; and test and measurement challenges impacting next-generation connectivity evolution. Please join the Connected Future Summit to learn about the future of connectivity!

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