Waveguide-Based Filtering Components Using New Manufacturing Techniques

Waveguide structures are the preferred transmission media for their low loss in a number of application areas. High-power microwave filters in satellites rely on high-Q and temperature-stable resonators to meet the stringent frequency-band and performance requirements. At mm-wave and sub-THz frequencies, air-filled waveguides offer competitively low transmission losses and present significant advantages over many other transmission media when decent powers are hard to come by and efficiency becomes one key design drive. Whether it is at microwave or up to sub-THz frequencies, the main workhorse in manufacture has always been traditional machining. This talk will explore new manufacturing techniques for waveguide-based filtering components at the two different frequency bands. At microwave frequencies, some recent work on the use of additive manufacturing and/or new materials will be presented for the design and fabrication of high-power filters. At D-band (110–170GHz) and above, a number of devices will be demonstrated by using several different precision-manufacturing techniques such as high-precision 3D printing, and various micromachining processes. The presented devices will include filters, multiplexers and other signal distribution networks with embedded filtering functions.