Emerging mm-Wave Device and Integration Technology — Next Generation GaN and Beyond

mm-Wave devices are key elements in modern defense and commercial wireless applications. Future defense and commercial sensor and communication systems require higher performance (eg higher data rates, higher sensitivity or dynamic range), lower SWAP (size, weight and power) and enhanced functionality per unit area to meet system requirements in increasingly congested electromagnetic (EM) environments. Existing high-power and high-speed transistor technologies and their resulting mm-wave circuits appear to be reaching their limits. However, just as GaN technology provided a leap ahead in capability over legacy Si and GaAs device technologies, new opportunities are emerging. Novel device structures in existing materials, new materials systems such as the ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) semiconductors and advanced three-dimensional heterogeneous integration techniques, all show promise to enable the next leap in RF electronic systems. This talk focuses on emerging transistor technologies funded by the DARPA Dynamic-Range enhanced Electronics and Materials (DREaM) program, new RF materials and device concepts being explored under the Heterogeneous Heterostructures (H2) exploration as well as heterogeneous integration of compound semiconductors with other components to create next generation mm-wave arrays.