mm-Wave GaN MMICs for 5G and Satellite Communication Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, which is one of the leading wireless infrastructure system companies in Japan, will present their latest research results for mm-wave GaN MMICs considering their practical use-cases. It will include K-band GaN MMIC for high through-put communication satellites, Ka-band GaN MMIC for satellite communication terminal, Ka-band Doherty GaN MMIC for mm-wave 5G base stations. For the precise prediction of distortion characteristics, which is quite often serious in GaN devices, a new GaN Tr electron trap model, which is based on both low-frequency Y-parameter measurement and T-CAD, is introduced to successfully simulate IM3 and ACPR of GaN MMICs. Future prospects for mm-wave and THz GaN devices will be also included based on the Japanese national policies for Beyond 5G and 6G developments.