MMIC and Integration Technologies for Best-In-Class mm-Wave Component Solutions from 24GHz up to E-Band

5G deployment leads to new Radio Access Network architectures and the extensive use of telecommunication equipment in frequency bands above 24GHz, in particular active antennas for base stations with frequency bands around 26, 28 and 39GHz requiring the development of specific components for Transmit/Receive amplification. Frequency bands at 47, 60 and 80GHz are also considered to achieve very high data rate transmissions. GaN and GaAs semiconductor technologies offer state-of-the-art performances to address RF functions such as Low Noise Amplifier, Power Amplifier and Power Switch. The power levels obtained with GaN technology are significantly higher compared to other candidates, enabling the reduction of the number of amplifier components needed by an antenna and consequently reducing its size while increasing the emitted power and range. In this workshop, we will present the MMIC and packaging technologies developed by UMS to deliver mm-wave component solutions that address the requirements for electrical performance, power management and integration, in the frequency range from 24GHz up to E-band.