Compound Technologies Advancement for mm-Wave Applications — from a Commercial Foundry Perspective

With the advent of 5G/6G communication, mm-wave applications will finally go into our daily life. Compound technologies, GaN or GaAs have their SWaP (size, weight, and power) benefits and will play a major role in mm-wave arena in complement to CMOS. From a commercial compound semiconductor foundry point of view, we will address key state-of-the-art achievements and challenges in these technologies. A traditional InGaAs pseudomorphic HEMT (pHEMT) with gate length of 0.15µm and 0.1µm will be compared with GaN devices either on Si or SiC substrates to demonstrate their sweet spot applications in K/Ka/V bands for 5G mm-wave communication or satellite communications. A high performance InP based pHEMT and DHBT devices will also be addressed to explore their potential applications in W-band and beyond.