GaN Integration in FOWLP

Emerging mm-wave applications are pushing system requirements from various aspects. From a RF front-end perspective parameters in the spotlight are multi-channel (MIMO), higher data rates and higher carrier frequencies. To reach these system requirements, the characteristics of assembly technologies are key. On the horizon a need for integration of different, especially compound, semiconductors to reach system requirements is visible (heterogenous integration). One promising semiconductor technology is GaN. State-of-the-art assembly technologies for compound semiconductors, like GaN, are microwave assembly technologies, mostly with wire-bond interconnection. These assembly technologies are optimized for RF performance at low to mid volume. This workshop introduces Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) as package solution for GaN MMICs on an exemplary power amplifier design. It gives an insight over challenges and possible solutions for FOWLP packaging of GaN. In addition, it compares state-of-the-art assembly technologies with FOWLP with respect to emerging mm-wave applications.