Hetero-Integration as a Key Enabler for Sub-THz Radar and Communication Systems

This talk focuses on two directions IMEC is working on for sub-THz packaging. In the first part, we present our 140GHz radar work covering highly integrated radars with on-chip antennas as well as air-filled substrate integrated waveguide (AFSIW) based high gain antennas. Combining the MMICs, AFSIW, antennas and thermal management and simultaneously minimizing RF loss will be discussed. In the second part of the talk, we will cover IMEC’s waferscale thin-film RF interposer technology which aims for the co-integration of different chips (III-V, CMOS, BiCMOS) for above 100GHz (6G) communication. Specific RF enhancements like thick dielectric layers, flip-chip scaling, high-resistivity silicon, and in-package passive components will be discussed.