Wafer-Scale mm-Wave Integration Techniques for Phased Arrays

Phased arrays are critical components in next generation communication systems. Critical to their adoption is the availability of low-cost integration technologies that scale to the sub-mm-wave bands. Towards that end, we discuss Teledyne’s wafer-scale mm-wave system and circuit integration method called BATCH that has been developed to allow the embedding of one or more semiconductor dice having varied function and material into a compact chip-scale module. This circuit integration technology includes low loss planar transmission line interconnects and antennas with planar feeds, all embedded in a micromachined silicon interposer and suitable for high-volume batch fabrication. In this workshop, we will discuss our approach/methodology for sub-mm-wave phased arrays including the challenges and requirements for such phased-arrays, limitations on the state-of-the-art, and solutions going forward.