Effect of Treatment for Abandoned DBS Leads on RF-Induced Heating During 1.5T MRI

The 1.5T MRI RF-induced heating for an abandoned commercial deep brain stimulation (DBS) lead is evaluated in this study with two different treatments at the proximal end. The capped-end or bared-end treatment on the proximal end can change the electromagnetic model of the DBS lead at 1.5T. During the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) phantom testing, the abandoned lead with capped-end treatment has a 1.8 times higher temperature rise than the same abandoned leads with bared-end treatment, however, such difference is reduced to 6.8% during the simulated in-vivo modeling study. The statistical analysis shows that RF-induced heating of abandoned lead is lower than that of the full DBS system with simulated in-vivo modeling.