How to Exploit the High Flexibility of Additive Manufacturing in Filter Design

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), new challenges are awaiting the scientific community in microwave and mm-wave technologies. Furthermore, the development of the fifth generation (5G) cellular mobile networks opens great perspectives for increased communication speed and new services. In this context there is the need for new flexible technologies that allow high/reasonable performance at low/moderate price, rapid prototyping and custom design. From this point of view, Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology is a very promising technology and in recent years, its use in the microwave area has been successfully discussed and presented in many scientific papers. In this talk, it will be shown the application of this technology to the manufacturing of microwave filters. In particular it will be shown how the flexibility of AM can be exploited to manufacture new classes of filters with non-conventional geometries that cannot be (or can hardly be) manufactured by traditional manufacturing techniques. It will also be shown the importance of AM oriented design and the importance of postprocessing in order to improve performances.