A 1.9dB NF K-Band Temperature-Healing Phased-Array Receiver Employing Hybrid Packaged 65nm CMOS Beamformer and 0.1µm GaAs LNAs

A 1.9dB NF K-band phased-array receiver is presented, which employs the hybrid packaged 65nm CMOS beamformer and 0.1µm GaAs LNAs based on the fan-out wafer-level chip-scale packaging (WLCSP) technology. Power efficient gain and phase tuning blocks are utilized to reduce the power consumption. Temperature-healing design methodology is adopted to ensure nearly constant gain response versus temperature variations. The proposed phased-array RX only consumes 30.2 mW DC power per channel and achieves < 1.2 dB gain variation and < 0.9 dB NF variation from -40 to 85◦C.