A 94GHz FMCW Radar Transceiver with 17dBm Output Power and 6.25dB NF in 65nm CMOS

In this paper, a compact transceiver covering from 93 GHz to 95 GHz in 65-nm CMOS is proposed for frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar application. It consists of a receiver channel (RX), a transmitter channel (TX), and a local oscillator (LO) link. The LO link integrates a six-frequency multiplier to decrease the required input LO frequency and improve the phase-noise performance. To improve both the noise figure (NF) and linearity, a 6-bit RF phase shifter is divided into two parts: the high step-bit phase shifting cells with high loss placed at LO link and a low step-bit phase shifting cells inserted at receiver/transmitter channel. Thanks to the 3-bit phase shifting cells, the LO link is endowed a beamforming capability and can also perform a wide range of the LO phase calibration. Besides, the proposed distribution strategy of the phase-shifter improves the gain and decreases the power the measurement results show that the transmitter achieves 17-dBm output power, and the receiver has a 6.25 dB NF at 94 GHz with a voltage gain of 19.8 dB.