Heterogeneous III-V/CMOS Technologies for Beyond-5G and 6G Solutions to RF Front-End Circuits

Initiated by the advent of 5G mm-wave, the next generation of wireless communication will address even higher frequencies to provide the data-rate and latency requirements of emerging use cases like XR, AI-to-AI communication and autonomous driving. With on-going research already looking at the D-band (frequencies above 100GHz), challenges related to power consumption, efficiency, thermal dissipation, and speed are becoming very apparent, and while CMOS has been for decades the preferred vehicle, leveraging its scalability, integrability, and low cost, the industry might be at a tipping point where compound semiconductor technologies like InP show their significant strength and uniqueness for particular components of the radio system like the power amplifier, but they will require integration with CMOS. There are several ways of achieving this and in this talk, we will discuss the pros and cons of each, with performance and cost in mind, and the eco-system needed to realize these heterogeneous technologies.