Spectral/Spatial Broker and Array Impedance Tuning for Real-Time Active/Passive System Spectral Coexistence

In coordinating spectrum usage between passive systems, such as weather radiometers, and 5G mm-wave wireless communications, a spectral broker can be used. This broker is designed to receive real-time requests from wireless systems in a geographic region requesting time, frequency, and space (position and transmission angle). These requests are then collected by the broker. In addition to direct overlap, the possibility of harmonic and out-of-band emissions are considered. Based on the requests, the broker provides a spectral/spatial mask to the 5G transmitter, limiting the transmission of the 5G system in both space and frequency. The development of this broker is discussed in detail. To optimize to meet the spectral/spatial requirements passed on by the broker to the 5G transmitter, the transmitter array must reconfigure in real-time to maximize power, efficiency, and gain while meeting the imposed spectral/spatial requirements in real time. An algorithm is discussed by which an array containing amplifiers with reconfigurable mm-wave matching networks can be quickly optimized to maximize system performance, while meeting spectral/spatial mask requirements.