Changing the Cancer Treatment Pathway using Microwave and RF Energy

This talk considers the design and development of an advanced energy based electrosurgical platform designed to address the needs of therapeutic endoscopists. The platform includes a range of novel miniature flexible applicators, developed to deliver both microwave energy in the Super High Frequency band for coagulation/ablation of biological tissue, and bi-polar RF energy in the Medium Frequency band for on-demand ‘scalpel blade’ precision cutting when energy is supplied to the applicator structure. Design considerations relating to the electrosurgical generator and the six novel applicator structures will be presented. This will include a detailed overview of the first ‘Speedboat’ device that has now been used to treat over 1000 patients with an entirely successful outcome. This device is a multimodality device that has four modes of action; including: bi-polar RF and microwave energy delivery, 1:1 rotation, viscous fluid delivery through a 0.4mm bore needle, and a protective ‘speedboat hull’ shaped underside to protect underlying muscle or other tissue. Initial patient outcomes from the second ‘MicroBlate Fine’ device, which has now been used to successfully treat pancreatic tumors of up to 6cm diameter, will also be presented.