Combined mm-Waves and Nanorobotics for Traceable Electronics Technology

There is an urgent need to extend the frequency capabilities of electronics technology to support emerging communications and electronics technologies. In particular, repeatable and traceable measurement data are challenging at mm-wave and THz wavelengths. As RF signals are sensitive to both dielectric/electrical and dimensions/geometry of the device under test (DUT), RF instrumentation is combined with nanorobotics to provide fine distance and contact control between the sensing probe and DUT. In particular, on-wafer probing system, free-space and RF microscopy set-ups are augmented with piezoelectric nano-positioning stages controlled under Labview to provide fully automated solutions addressing RF sensing of macro- to nano-scale materials and devices. Measurement performance on reference materials including sensitivity and repeatability studies are shown to demonstrate the viability of the proposed solution. In addition, agile RF matching networks are proposed to enhance the measurement sensitivity of conventional vector network analyzers with 50 ohms reference impedance.