Device and Circuit Co-Design Using MVSG Modeling Framework

This talk will focus on the device-design and circuit design carried out using the MIT Virtual Source GaNFET (MVSG) model. The model is an industry-standard charge-based physical model for GaNFETs suited for GaN-based HV and RF-circuit design. It has simple formulations that can capture a variety of device-phenomena: field plates, thermal and frequency-dispersion effects, charge-trapping, device-parasitics; calibrated against device-level measurements across technologies. In this talk, the speaker will go through model description, parameter extraction flow and various device-benchmarking steps essential to obtain a calibrated MVSG-model for a given GaN technology node. Example circuits for HV-converter and RF-front-end that use MVSG device-model for their design will be illustrated. The speaker will show the impact of device-field plate design on slew-rates, losses, and reliability of GaN converters. Using an RF-front-end MMIC, the speaker will show how the device parasitics and charge-trapping effects impact saturated power gains, power-added efficiencies, losses etc in power-amplifiers and oscillators. Novel-device designs using MVSG model that can boost circuit-performance metrics such as linearity will also be shown.