Prediction by Technology Computer Aided Design of the Large Signal GaN HFET Performance

In the silicon transistor industry, technology computer aided design (TCAD) is routinely used for device design. In most cases, the TCAD predicted performance of the silicon devices is very close to the experimental one. In the GaN technology, on the other hand, it is more common to match measured performance to the simulated one by tuning a fairly large number of unknown physical parameters. These parameters usually differ between different GaN foundries and may even differ for different devices fabricated by the same foundry. Hence, the predictive capability of TCAD for the GaN technology is still limited. In this lecture, we will present TCAD simulations using a very small number of physical tuning parameters that were obtained from dc measurements. Simulations of small and large signal RF performance based upon these parameters will be compared to measured performance of devices fabricated by two different foundries. The predictive capability of TCAD for GaN HFETs will be discussed.