High Spectral Resolution Rydberg Atom-Based Sensing for Radio Frequency Metrology

In this talk, we describe experiments involving Rydberg atom-based sensing for metrological applications. We present a novel approach to Rydberg atom sensing that uses a collinear three-photon read-out and detection scheme, which extends the sensing range of the self-calibrated Autler-Townes sensing mode to lower electric field strengths. We demonstrate proof of concept and present concrete results from first experiments. We show that we are able to measure electric field strengths below 1mV/cm in the self-calibrated Autler-Townes regime for a radial dipole moment of 2206 ea0 for a transition at 10.7GHz. We measure an Autler-Townes splitting of 503±6kHz, which is equivalent to a radio frequency electric field strength of 282±4µV/cm. These types of measurements can be done in MEMs-type vapor cells designed for metrology applications for test and measurement applications.