3D Printed Wideband High-Power X-Band Radial Combiner

In this paper the development of a wideband high-power 16-way X-Band all-waveguide radial divider/combiner is presented. The radial combiner is comprised of four parts: a coaxial feed, a center conical radial line, a peripheral waveguide ports, and a coaxial-to-waveguide transition. Use of the tapered conical center feed is essential to provide wide bandwidth and high-power handling capability. A 3D printed prototype structure was built and tested to validate the CST model, before being manufactured using a CNC machine. The measured standard deviation of the amplitude and phase imbalances of the combiner over a 10% operating bandwidth are less than 0.5 dB and 3.5°, respectively. The CNC version is able to achieve imbalances of less than 0.28 dB and 2.5°, respectively.