2–8 GHz Interference Detector with 1.1 μs Response

This paper reports the first wideband method that a) detects both the power and frequency of an arbitrary interferer within a two-octave bandwidth and b) subsequently deactivates the interferer through a frequency-tunable narrowband bandstop filter. The entire process can be completed within approximately 1 μs. The success of the proposed detection method relies on creating frequency- and power-dependent standing wave patterns of the incoming signal. It is worth emphasizing that frequencies and power levels are simultaneously mapped to the system’s detection scheme without requiring time-consuming spectrum and/ or power-search. After presenting the fundamental concept and the design steps, we demonstrate a proof-of-concept system that detects interfering signals with unknown and arbitrary frequencies in the 2–8 GHz band and powers in the -5 dBm to +15 dBm range. The proposed system is implemented with low-cost off-the-shelf components. The measured interferer deactivation response time is 1.1μs.