Sub-mW 30GHz Variable-Gain LNA in 22nm FDSOI CMOS for Low-Power Tapered mm-Wave 5G/6G Phased-Array Receivers

Next-generation cellular systems require low-power mm-wave phased-array ICs. Variable-gain LNAs (VG-LNAs) are key blocks enabling reduced hardware complexity, performance improvement and added functionalities. This paper reports a low-power 30GHz VG-LNA for mm-wave 5G/6G phased-array ICs, with a gain control of 8 dB for 18dB Taylor taper in a 30GHz 8×8 antenna array. The VG-LNA exhibits a peak gain of 16 dB in the high-gain state, consumes less than 1 mW and occupies an area of 0.20×0.22 mm².