Incoherent Point Spread Function Estimation and Multipoint Deconvolution for Active Incoherent Millimeter-Wave Imaging

We present an approach to image deconvolution in active incoherent millimeter-wave (AIM) imaging. While traditional incoherent imaging systems capture thermal radiation, AIM imaging uses the transmission of noise signals to increase the signal-to-noise ratio while maintaining the necessary space-time incoherence required for image reconstruction. Images formed by any imaging technique are corrupted by the impulse response, or point spread function (PSF), of the imaging system, however the degradation of the image due to the PSF can be alleviated significantly via deconvolution if the PSF is characterized. Typically, estimation of the PSF is challenging due to spatial undersampling and the impact of noise. In this work, we experimentally demonstrate an approach to estimate the PSF of AIM imaging systems by averaging PSF estimates from multiple point targets using a shift-and-add method in a 38-GHz imaging system. We demonstrate image deconvolution using the CLEAN algorithm to reconstruct a scene with multiple targets.