A Reconfigurable Reflective/Absorptive SPDT Plasma Switch

For the first time in solid-state plasma technology, an SPST and SPDT switch is presented that can reconfigure its input impedance to match any real impedance, creating a dual-mode reflective/absorptive operation. Up to 6 GHz, the SPST switch’s measured insertion loss is 0.27 dB, absorptive OFF-state return loss greater than 17.5 dB, and isolation (both modes) greater than 22.5 dB. The SPDT switch exhibits measured insertion loss less than 0.43 dB, absorptive OFF-state return loss greater than 16.8 dB, and RF-RF and Com-RF isolation greater than 28 dB and 25 dB (both modes), respectively, up to 4 GHz. The 50-Ω absorptive state consumes 46× less optical power than its reflective state and demonstrates greater than 10 dB return loss up to 33 dBm, and no failure up to 40 dBm. This work shows state-of-the-art low loss and absorbed power handling results in a novel, reconfigurable topology.