Robust SbTe-Based Phase Change RF Switch Technology

Modern mobile systems continue to expand to meet demands for reliable, high-data-rate operation in multiple frequency bands in 4G and upcoming 5G wireless networks. Low-loss, linear RF switches are integral parts of wireless RF front-ends for switching the antenna and filter, and tuning amplifiers, for example. Recently, phase change RF switches are emerging with 10× higher RF switch figure-of-merit, 1/(2πRon*Coff), over state-of-the-art FET switches. In this talk, we present a record switching cycle endurance of SbTe phase-change material RF switches with a refractory TiW heater in a planar configuration. With SOA RF switch FOM and the linearity and RF power handling, phase-change material RF switches would be a potential candidate for future RF switch technology toward mm-wave and 5G applications.