Ultra-Long-Range Dual Rotman Lenses-Based Harmonic mmID’s for 5G/mm-Wave IoT Applications

For the first time, the authors propose a Rotman Lenses-based Harmonic mmID tag topology featuring an ultra-long interrogation range for future 5G/mm-Wave IoT. The proposed system also displays a wide-angular coverage with a -8.5 dB beamwidth of ±45°, a harmonic RCS of -37.4 dBsm, while demonstrating the longest reported range of passive harmonic mmID systems. Additionally, the lens-based system provides a theoretical ×9.6 range extension compared to the reported state-of-the-art in fully-passive doubler mmID systems. With a theoretical maximum range of 560m with 5G/mm-Wave EIRP of 75dBm, this system presents a paradigm shift in ultra-long-range, fully-passive 5G/mm-Wave IoT systems.