Design of mm-Wave Power Amplifiers for Radar Applications in CMOS and SiGe HBT Technologies

In this talk, we will first discuss system level considerations in FMCW and PMCW mm-wave radar systems and derive requirements on power amplifiers. Next, we will discuss circuit techniques in CMOS for realization of high-efficiency power amplifier on example of a 60GHz FMCW in 28nm CMOS and 45RFSOI using harmonic traps. Afterwards, we will discuss circuit techniques using SOI technologies. We will discuss novel techniques of power combination in the air and on the antenna. Combination of both techniques results in possibility to avoid using lossy power combiners, thus improving efficiency. It is demonstrated on example of a 140GHz PMCW radar transmitter. Finally, we discuss a 160GHz power amplifier and frequency doubler in SiGe HBT technology to realize a 320GHz FMCW radar transmitter. A circuit technique of mode separation to extract the second harmonic with minimal loss will be discussed.