The Final Showdown : GaN/Si and CMOS for 5G and 6G mm-Wave Applications

Advanced 5G mm-wave systems covering frequency ranges from 24 to 87GHz and even above 100GHz in the near future, put a lot of pressure on MMIC technologies in terms of power levels, linearity, noise figure and power efficiency. We will review how scaled down GaN/Si fully complements sub-40nm CMOS to meet the stringent specifications and cost budget of mm-wave 5G base stations, handsets and backhaul links. New state-of-the-art T/R chips results will be presented. The hot topic of mm-wave PA for handsets will also be discussed, with the capability of scaled GaN/Si processes down to 20nm at low supply voltages. Finally, the hetero-integration of GaN/Si with Si CMOS MMICs will be reviewed, showing the RFIC technology saga is reaching its final showdown.