Demonstration of Low Loss RF Conductor in Ka and V Bands Using Cu/Fe Multilayers for 5G and Millimeter Wave Applications

In this paper we report the first demonstration of a low loss Radio Frequency (RF) metaconductor in Ka and V bands consisting of multiple nanolayers of copper (Cu) and Iron (Fe). Maximum 32% RF resistance reduction is achieved using the Cu/Fe metaconductor compared with the solid Cu counterpart in 30–67 GHz range which covers major millimeter (mm) wave frequency bands for 5G applications. Design and simulations are performed using High Frequency Structural Simulator (HFSS, ANSYS Inc.) and experimentally verified using 1 mm long Coplanar Waveguide Transmission Lines (CPWTL) which are microfabricated using 5 pairs of 150 nm thick Cu and 25 nm thick Fe.