A DC to 110GHz Plasma Switch

This paper demonstrates the first optically-controlled, solid-state-plasma switch from DC–110 GHz. We investigate both a single fiber and a two-fiber π-switch on a coplanar-waveguide (CPW) technology. The switch is activated when a 915-nm optical source generates active carriers in the CPW gaps. Measured results show that for the single fiber case, insertion loss is better than 0.22 dB and isolation is greater than 42 dB at 110 GHz. Further, for the two-fiber, π-match case, insertion loss is better than 0.81 dB and isolation greater than 53 dB at 110 GHz. However, the two-fiber design exhibits higher than 40 dB isolation across the entire 20–110 GHz band. The presented switch is the first demonstration of this wideband performance with low insertion loss and high isolation.