E-Band Power Forward and Divider Switch for On-Chip Reconfigurable and Scalable Arrays

This paper presents a power forward and divider switch (FDSW) which is a newly required switching circuit for a on-chip reconfigurable and scalable array. The FDSW has 4 input and output ports, and the input power at all 4 ports can be divided into two adjacent ports or forward to the other port, depending on the switch modes. The FDSW consists of a coupler and shunt switches at all coupler ports, and can switch between a forward mode and a divider mode by turning on/off the shunt switches. The proposed FDSW is designed at E-band using 28-nm FD-SOI CMOS process for a wafer-scale array. The coupler is based on a synthetic coupled line to accommodate the parasitic capacitance of the shunt transistor switch. Measurements show that the FDSW achieves the divide-mode loss of 1.4 dB and the forward-mode loss of 4.0 dB with the 1-dB power imbalance bandwidth of 76–92 GHz.