Broadband mm-Wave PA Design in Advanced FinFET CMOS

Fully-integrated transceivers, in which digital baseband and RF front-end are combined on the same die, offer a path to scalability and best system efficiency for next-gen systems that require large bandwidths and high data throughput. To help traverse this path, the PA used in these transceivers must be compact in size, maintain high efficiency, and also provide sufficient bandwidth to meet the specifications of these broadband systems. FinFET CMOS is a prime candidate for implementation, offering a balance between high digital logic density and strong RF/mm-wave performance. In this talk, we will discuss linear PA design techniques which optimize performance in FinFET processes and overcome the challenges of PA design in deeply-scaled CMOS nodes. We will present V-band (65GHz), E-band (75GHz), and D-band (140GHz) PA designs in FinFET processes which employ a mix of these techniques yielding high efficiency while simultaneously achieving fractional bandwidths >20%.