160-GSa/s-and-beyond 108-GHz-bandwidth over-2-Vppd output-swing 0.5-μm InP DHBT 2:1 AMUX-driver for next generation optical communications

This article reports on a 108-GHz-bandwidth 0.5-μm InP DHBT Analog-Multiplexer-driver (AMUX-driver). To the best of the authors knowledge, this 2:1 AMUX-driver shows unprecedented 1.9-Vppd 160-GSa/s 160-GBd NRZ and 2.4-Vppd 100-GSa/s 100-GBd PAM-4 output swings, with very high quality eye diagrams, without any digital signal processing (DSP) nor post-processing. Up to 3.2-Vppd is obtained in NRZ at 100 GBd. The lumped AMUX-driver also shows record 25.7-dB gain and 2.08-THz gain-bandwidth product, with 11.1-dB equalising capabilities at 86.6-GHz.