Integrated Low-Loss Planar Goubau Lines on Glass Interposer for 6G Wireless Applications

This paper presents the design, fabrication, and measurement of low-loss planar Goubau lines (PGL) integrated onto thin glass interposer for D-band (110 GHz – 170 GHz) applications. The core material is 200 µm AGC ENA1 glass with 15 µm Ajinomoto Build-up Films (ABF) GL102 laminated on both sides. CPW-PGL launchers are designed to excite the supported surface wave mode. PGLs with different lengths are fabricated to extract the loss per millimeter. The measured results show around 0.32 dB/mm loss at 140 GHz. The comparison between PGL and other interconnects on glass substrate for D-band application is presented.