Over-The-Air Test Method for Evaluation of 5G Millimeter Wave Devices Under 3D Spatially Dynamic Environment from Single Feeder

This paper presents a novel Over-the-Air test method that facilitates the excitation of 5G New Radio mobile devices from multiple Angles-of-Arrival in 3D-space to perform Radio Resource Management (RRM) testing, required to evaluate the beamforming capabilities when operating at millimeter wave frequencies. The aim of this test system is to recreate realistic operating propagation conditions in both spatial and temporal domains. The advantage of this method is that up to four simultaneous signals can be generated by a single 2D feeder antenna array with multiple independent radio frequency ports from a unique location, minimizing the use of mechanical positioners. This is achieved by the implementation of multiple plane reflectors tangentially placed to the surface of a semi-ellipsoid. The Device Under Test and Feeder antennas are centered at the foci, respectively. Simulations and measurements performed show the ability of this method to create the required test environment to test RRM requirements.