A Compact SiGe Stacked Common-Base Dual-band PA with20/18.8dBm Psat at 36/64 GHz Supporting Concurrent Modulation

This work presents a compact, concurrent dual-band (36/64 GHz) linear power amplifier in 90nm SiGe technology. To simultaneously overcome the gain and power limitation of conventional common-emitter silicon device at mm-wave, the stacked common-base (SCB) topology in SiGe is studied and utilized as PA cell. A highly efficient dual-band output network enables the optimum load-line matching for two wide separated frequencies. The proposed PA achieves 20/18.8dBm Psat, 25/22.5% PAE at 36/64GHz supporting two concurrent 32 QAM signals (total data rate of 9Gbps) with 9.5/7.8 dBm linear average power respectively, and concurrent PAE of 8.9%. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this prototype achieves highest dual frequency output power, PAE, and one of the first concurrent dual-band modulation among silicon-based mm-wave PAs, while still maintaining a highly compact footprint.