A 300GHz Wireless Transceiver in 65nm CMOS for IEEE802.15.3d Using Push-Push Subharmonic Mixer

This paper presents a 300GHz CMOS transceiver, which achieves a data rate of 34Gb/s. A 300GHz CMOS push-push subharmonic mixer is proposed to realize a low conversion loss of around -16.5dB with low power consumption. The proposed transceiver also achieves wireless communication in ch.13–23 (1.76Gbaud), ch.39–43 (3.52Gbaud), ch.52–53 (7.04Gbaud) and ch.59 (10.56Gbaud) defined in IEEE802.15.3d. The transmitter and receiver consume 272mW and 135mW from a 1V supply, respectively.