Deep Learning Enabled Inverse Design of 30-94 GHz Psat,3dB SiGe PASupporting Concurrent Multi-band Operation at Multi-Gbps

This work reports a mm-wave PA in 90nm SiGe with a novel deep learning enabled inverse design of low-loss, broadband output matching network, that achieves PAE of 16-24.7%, saturation power of 16.7-19.5 dBm across Psat,3dB bandwidth of 30-94 GHz (103.2%), while supporting both single carrier high speed modulation and concurrent multi-band multi-Gbps non-constant amplitude modulation. The Psat,3dB bandwidth covers from 5G band up to W band and is higher than all reported mm-wave silicon PAs which have peak PAE > 20% and demonstrates for the first time concurrent multi-band (tripleband) transmission with superior performance at multi-Gbps.