W-Band Active Repeater Arrays and Cognitive Receivers for OFDM Radar Networks

A 76–81 GHz active repeater array with four identical lanes and an IQ cognitive receiver with built-in fundamental frequency VCO and a static divide-by-4096 chain, both intended for operation in OFDM automotive radar networks with fast spectral sensing, are reported in 22nm FDSOI technology. The W-band linear single-sideband modulator in the repeater lanes and the IQ mixer in the cognitive receiver feature CMOS passive gate topologies whose performance is optimized from the back gate voltage. The repeater array achieves >40 dB of RF signal and image rejection with 25dB gain, 6–7dB noise figure, a peak SNDR of 29 dB, and 20 mW of power consumption per lane. The receiver consumes 166.7 mW and has a conversion gain of 22 dB, 6–7.2 dB single-sideband noise figure, and an IIP3 of -24 dBm.