Efficient Bandwidth Enhanced Multirate Radar Target Simulation

Digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) multirate systems are digital radar target simulators that receive, digitize, delay (using memory), and retransmit a radar signal. The DRFM approach has many advantages over other radar target simulator concepts, and it has been shown that the target emulation accuracy of DRFM systems can be improved significantly by adjusting the receiver ADC and transmitter DAC to different sampling rates (multirate radar target simulator). In this paper, it is shown that the frequency and bandwidth coverage of multirate DRFM systems can be elegantly improved by applying a frequency division in the receiving path and a frequency multiplication in the transmission path and by using an adapted digital signal manipulation within the DRFM. Experimental results show that this novel technique enables lower sampling rates to be used and eases the constraints on cost and hardware complexity, thus allowing cost-efficient broadband DRFM systems.