A 140GHz CMOS RFSOI Transmit-Receive Phased-Array Wireless Link with 11–12Gbps and 16 and 64-QAM Operation

This paper presents an 8-element 140 GHz CMOS RFSOI wafer-scale phased-array transmit-receive wireless link. Both TX and RX chips are based on intermediate-frequency (IF) beamforming transmit/receive channels with 5-bit phase and 4-bit gain control at the IF band (9–14 GHz) splitters/combiners, a shared local-oscillator (LO) multiplier chain and distribution network. The phased-array TRX system results in a measured EIRP at OP1dB of 28 dBm and channel noise figure (NF) of 7 dB, respectively, at 140 GHz. A transmit-receive phased-array wireless link is demonstrated at 0.65 m with 11–12 Gb/s data rates using 16 and 64-QAM waveforms. System noise, SNR and EVM analysis are also demonstrated in this paper. To the best of our knowledge, this paper presents the first CMOS phased-array transmit-receive wireless link at 140 GHz, resulting in meter-level high speed communications with 16 and 64-QAM operation.