A W-Band, 92–114GHz, Real-Time Spectral Efficient Radio Link Demonstrating 10Gbps Peak Rate in Field Trial

This paper reports on a real-time radio-link at W-band (92–114 GHz). 10 Gbps peak rate is reached for a 2000 MHz carrier bandwidth, and 5.7 Gbps is demonstrated over a link-hop of 1.5 km for a 1500 MHz-carrier, running at 128 QAM and 32 QAM, respectively. High integrated radio front-end SIP modules using GaAs technology, achieves a linear TX channel power of +8 dBm, and RX NF of 8 dB from the radio. It is configured to achieve 5.7 Gbps in a radio link with 149 dB system gain.