Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifier Linearity Characterization Using Unequally Spaced Multi-Tone Stimulus

This paper presents an implementation of Ka band linearity measurement. In this paper large signal measurements using the innovative Unequally Spaced Multi-Tone (USMT) wideband test signal have been performed in order to assess the in-band linearity degradation of non-linear microwave power devices. The proposed test bench is suitable for both on-wafer and connectorized devices characterization, using a sub-6GHz source and an RF mixer to up convert the signal into Ka band. In this paper a first result of comparison between NPR with a notch and USMT test signal has been demonstrated; it shows very similar behavior using similar signal statistics, bandwidth, peak-to-average, etc… at a 6 GHz frequency carrier. This comparison has been done with simulations and experimentally on the same test bench, to ensure the same conditions.