High-integration and Low-cost Transmitter Packaging Solution for 0.2 THz SiP Application Using HTCC Technology

In this paper, a high-integration and low-cost transmitter packaging solution for 0.2 THz SiP application is newly presented using high-temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) technology. To improve the three-dimensional (3-D) integration, internal vertical air-filled interconnection waveguides buried in the HTCC package are designed and fabricated in the 0.2 THz band. A compact MoCu waveguide BPF is designed and integrated into the package to suppress the harmonic output of the mixer. To demonstrate the potential SiP application in the future 0.2 THz radar systems, based on the proposed solution, two 0.2 THz transmitters using frequency multipliers and a mixer are designed, fabricated, and measured. All the components are buried in the HTCC package, and the overall size is 36×14×9.8 mm3 and 54×14.5×9.8 mm3, respectively. Both integrated transmitters show good performance, and the measured output power is better than 8 dBm and 5 dBm, respectively.