A Fully-Differential 146.6–157.4GHz LNA Utilizing Back Gate Control to Adjust Gain in 22nm FDSOI

This paper presents a fully-differential D-Band LNA with a measured variable peak gain of 9.0–18.0 dB at 153.5 GHz over a 3 dB bandwidth of 10.8 GHz. The LNA consists of four capacitor neutralized Common-Source (CS) stages each matched with transmission lines. A simulated noise figure (NF) of 7.5 dB is achieved. Utilizing the back gate control of the 22 nm FDSOI technology enables a passive gain control of 9 dB while reducing the NF and compression point degradation and scaling the power consumption through optimized circuit biasing. The peak power consumption is less than 27.5mW and reduces to 17.5mW at minimum gain.